How Sideqik’s Integration with Partnerize Provides Revenue Measurement for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Since Instagram announced their removal of likes, brands and advertisers have scrambled for a way to measure the successes of their influencer marketing campaigns. Instead of worrying about lost metrics, Sideqik integrated with Partnerize to create a new way for brands to understand the ROI from their campaigns.


Partnerize is a leading provider of AI-powered partner automation solutions for global brands. The platform allows brands to improve partner performances by driving more revenue from associates and brand relationships. In short, Partnerize uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to search for potential partners in future campaigns. 

The integration will allow users of Sideqik and Partnerize to benefit from the features of both platforms by creating more synergistic and efficient influencer program management. With this new integration, brands are given the ability to quantify the value of their influencer marketing campaigns–and track both engagement metrics and direct sales impacts as a result. While Sideqik customers already get automated earned media value and ROI reporting in our platform, they can now add revenue, conversion and payment tracking through our integration with Partnerize. 

Partnerize customers will also be able to analyze and view performance data by affiliate or influencer in order to show that user’s ROI. Using Sideqik, Partnerize customers can create ambassador programs to manage affiliates that already love your brand, hereby increasing the reach and capabilities of your network. Combined with the search capabilities of Sideqik Discovery, Partnerize customers can utilize micro-influencers and other consumers to best serve your needs–whether it’s spreading brand awareness to new areas or tracking the success of affiliate KPIs and direct sales. 

“This integration gives our clients another powerful way to grow, measure and optimize their partner-driven growth initiatives. More and more brands want ways to prove business value for the influencer channel, so they can prioritize influencer investment as part of their broader partner strategies. This integration will help our joint clients meet this important need.”

– Paul Fellows, co-founder and COO of Partnerize

For Sideqik users, the integration with Partnerize opens up new realms of possibilities for influencer marketing campaigns. While more than 60% of marketers measure influencer marketing ROI with earned media value, Sideqik users will now be able to track influencer ROI for revenue and conversions–far beyond likes, shares and comments. This allows users to get a better understanding of how influencers are generating conversions and revenue, letting brands identify what’s working and what isn’t within their influencer strategies. Partnerize’s integration will also allow Sideqik users to identify performance trends by influencers or campaigns, so that brands can see who or what is generating the most ROI for their campaigns. 

The integration also carries over between Sideqik and Partnerize profiles, allowing users of each platform to increase the success of their influencer campaigns through combined benefits. As Sideqik forms collect influencer information, it streamlines the setup for new affiliates by automatically creating profiles in Partnerize. This integration also automatically groups influencers in Sideqik based on their Partnerize campaigns, so your brand can easily navigate between who is being used for what campaigns. You can also now track payments in Sideqik after being processed through your existing Partnerize account, along with your other influencer data. This accumulates in the ability to export detailed reports–showing an influencer’s social analytics right beside Partnerize’s performance metrics for the given users.

“This integration with Partnerize is exciting because it allows us to give our clients the ability to accurately assign direct revenue impact to their influencer relationships. This data validates the power of word-of-mouth marketing for the global brand clients we share with Partnerize.”

– Jeremy Haile, co-founder and CEO of Sideqik

Are you interested in tracking the performance metrics of your influencers in a more streamlined process? Chat with our demo team about how Sideqik can improve your influencer marketing campaigns. 

Maria Lewczyk

Maria Lewczyk

Maria Lewczyk is the PR and Content Specialist at Sideqik. As a digital media maverick, Maria has years of experience in copywriting, publicity, social media, branding strategy, marketing and advertising. As a creative professional, Maria likes to use storytelling to help brands communicate their message and connect to people on a deeper level.

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