Top LGTBQ+ Influencers to Watch in Pride Month 2022

Pride month is an exciting time to stop and recognize the outstanding contributions that LGBTQ+ influencers and creators have made to their own causes and to society as a whole. 

For people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, or Queer, their battle for equality and respect continues. But more and more brands are recognizing the importance of their identity as an audience, as consumers, and as people. As a result, the number of LGTBQ+ influencers that also openly share their identity is rising.

Join us as we identify and celebrate a few of the LGBTQ+ influencers that are making an impact on social media and beyond. Not only do they contribute to our popular culture as a whole, they also inspire others to know that they can be successful at any pursuit that interests them, regardless of their orientation or gender identity. 

Jessie Paege (she/they)

Jessie Paege is an influencer that identifies as she/they. Her content is primarily geared towards music, but she also focuses on mental health. Mental health content is especially important to her audience, given that LGTBQ audiences often have to overcome many hurdles finding proper mental healthcare and support. Her messages of support and affirmation resonate with her audience, and her sharing of her own struggles make her message very authentic. 

In addition to creating a safe space for her followers to share their own stories and feel better about who they are, she also creates content around cosplay, makeup, and fashion. She also vlogs and makes regular reaction videos where she tackles topics that she feels are important for her audiences to be educated about.

Her content during Pride Month has been especially topical. She has released content celebrating her coming out, reactions to homophobic comments, and posting music videos of her showing affection to other women. Paege is supportive and inspirational to a large audience that often has to struggle with acceptance, and that has earned her an army of loyal followers.

Louis Levanti (he/him/his)

Louis Levanti is an influencer that brands himself as “your brutally honest internet best friend”. He has presences on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok.  But TikTok is where most of his audience and EMV comes from, and where he earned a lot of attention through his unpopular opinion videos. Levanti is also known for his video content where he makes lists based on whatever topic he happens to be talking about. 

And when it comes to topics, he goes across a wide spectrum. He reacts to just about anything that’s on his mind, whether that’s casting in new movies coming out, what BTS is up to, or just general happenings with celebrities. His opinions are always authentic, which keeps his audiences coming back to get his take on the hottest topics of the moment.  

For Pride Month, he has continued to be topical for his audiences. He posts reactions to different brand’s promotions for Pride Month, tackles couples challenges with his partner, and shares short videos of himself interacting at live events like his local Pride parade. Regardless of what’s on his mind that he posts about, he lives up to his title of being brutally honest and relatable about what he shares. 

Todrick Hall (he/him/his)

Todrick Hall is a singer, songwriter, performer, and Youtuber. He first came into fame as a contestant on American Idol and used that as a springboard to build his audience. Since then, he’s seen plenty of success in a variety of mediums, from appearing in Broadway shows to even having his own reality show. His trademark aesthetic when he performs is to wear a dress, makeup, and high-heeled boots. Despite this, he prefers not to be labeled as a drag queen. His description for his style is “femuline” – an identity where he embraces both the masculine and feminine side of himself without compromising the other. His message of embracing who you are, and loving yourself for it resonates with his followers.

His primary audience is on Youtube, but he’s also built sizable followings on Instagram and TikTok. But his largest EMV still comes from his Youtube channel. He uses his social media as a platform to promote his music, but also to give his fans a window on what he’s up to when he’s out on tour. He shares behind the scenes clips and sneak peeks of both music videos and tour performances for his followers.

At the start of Pride Month, he celebrated the occasion by releasing his latest album, Algorithm, for streaming and downloading. Since then, he’s been releasing music videos related to his album and thanking his fans for making his album an immediate success: it’s currently #3 on the Pop charts.

Patrick Starr (he/him/his)

Patrick Starrr is an influencer who is also a professional makeup artist. His mantra is that “Makeup is a one size fits all”. His content is centered around showing how makeup can improve anyone’s lives, especially men that have never used it before. But regardless of the demographic that watches his content, he strives to share his knowledge to make makeup more accessible to everyone. He also has performed in Broadway shows, and has done makeup for red carpet events in Hollywood. Most recently, he appeared at the premiere for Lightyear.

He has presences on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, but his highest engagement and average EMV are on TikTok. There, he creates content like makeup tutorials and reviews of different brands, along with new product releases. He also does makeup transformations for celebrities, friends, and even his own mother. Recently, he’s also been sharing his weight loss journey, in which he’s lost 50 pounds. 

For Pride Month, he has been posting content of himself at different parades, participating and supporting others. Additionally, he’s posted tutorials on how to apply pride makeup cheaply and easily for others who want to participate. He has made an impact with all audiences by passing on his knowledge, and showing that beauty can be for everyone – no matter their size, gender, shape, or other aspects that they might think of as a hurdle.

Mercury Stardust (she/her/hers)

Mercury Stardust is a trans influencer whose star has been rising very quickly on TikTok. She started out using the platform as a way to promote her burlesque shows. But since then, she’s also found a platform creating home improvement and DIY content. Branding herself as the #handymaam, she educates her followers on how to tackle home projects both large and small. 

Although she has a following on Instagram as well, TikTok is where the majority of her followers, engagement, and EMV come from. She shares handy tips and tricks, makes honest reviews of popular products, and provides tutorials on how to do home improvement projects. But she also creates content where she will travel to a stranger’s house and help them with their own projects, often completely free of charge. 

For Pride Month, she has been reflecting and sharing more about her lifestyle and identity. She has appeared on local radio affiliates to answer questions that any callers have about her journey, and has reflected on what a unique niche she has been able to fill with her burlesque and home improvement content. Her journey and compelling mixture of interests and gender roles serves as an example to others that they can succeed with their passions, no matter who they are.

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