Youtubers That Are Making an Impact on Brands

Influencer marketing can be a game-changing strategy for brands on any number of platforms and social media. One of the longest enduring destinations for influencers to find their voice and audience is Youtube. Being a successful Youtuber is a clear path for content creators to become an influencer. With both VOD, live-streaming options, and the new shorts format, it allows for creators a variety of choices when they create content. 

While Twitch has been expanding its content offerings from just gaming to talk shows, arts and crafts, and even music performances, Youtube has offered creators the freedom to create the kind of content they want from day one. More and more influencers have been taking advantage of the flexibility and versatility of Youtube to reach bigger audiences. It also gives them the chance to collaborate with more brands. Here’s just a few excellent examples on how Youtube is a strong platform for brands to impact audiences through influencers.

Rose Anvil

Weston Kay, aka Rose Anvil, is a Youtuber that has built a large audience following through a very unique style of content. Most of his videos center around cutting shoes and boots in half, and then critiquing their construction. This very thorough approach to footwear lets the consumer decide if the shoe is worth the amount of money it costs to buy them.

His eye-catching content has attracted a number of different shoemakers that have partnered with him for affiliate links. American based luxury sneaker brand Koio has sponsored videos where he dissects their product, highlighting the quality of their products. Renowned UK sneaker maker Northampton has also run similar promotions with Rose Anvil, using his unique platform to show consumers just how well made their products are. 

Most recently, Rose Anvil has worked with StockX, massacring a variety of “grail” level sneakers like Nike Dunks and different models of Yeezys. StockX provides him with affiliate links for each sneaker he creates a video for, creating a synergy where a viewer can watch him dissect a shoe, and then go buy it at a slight discount if they like what they see. This formula has been working very well for both brands and Rose Anvil, so expect his reign of terror on shoes to continue into the future.


Stan Price, aka PapaStanimus, is a Youtuber that specializes in a variety of content. He got his start primarily as a battle royale player, especially playing PUBG. He stopped streaming on Twitch to focus on releasing a larger variety of content on Youtube and Tiktok. Though it seemed risky at the time, it’s definitely paid off for him. He had just under 22,000 followers on twitch when he left, but now boasts over 745,000 subscribers on Youtube. 

Though he still plays video games, he also publishes a large number reaction videos. Content like “you laugh, you lose” challenges and his own takes on current events are exceptionally popular. This pivot in content creation has played a large role in his growing his audience on Youtube. His non-gaming content has become so popular that he recently created a separate gaming channel. That way, his followers can pick and choose what kinds of content they watch more easily.

He primarily works with Steelseries and Elgato, generating a large EMV for each of these brands. As his audience on Youtube continues to grow, he’s sure to continue to use his growing influence to promote more brands moving forward.

Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson is a Youtuber that focuses on personal training and nutrition. Her content focuses on providing free full-length workout videos that her viewers can use from home. Her audience has grown to over 2 million subscribers thanks to this focus on content that they can actually use to improve their personal fitness without any equipment or gym memberships.

Robertson has a relationship with Amazon, where she has affiliate links for gear that she personally recommends to her viewers. She’s also a member of the Lululemon collective, promoting their products to her audiences. She receives commissions when viewers click on links for various products in her video descriptions. 

Her balance of quality content and authenticity has paid off massively for her. It has made her an excellent match for athleisure and nutrition brands. As her audience continues to grow, look for more brands to connect with her.

Drew Joiner

Drew Joiner is a Youtuber that specializes in men’s fashion. His content has a wide range: he leads discussions on fashion trends that are coming and going, historical videos focusing on fashion pioneers, to your standard purchasing pick up videos. He tackles interesting topics like “How Fit Pics have affected fashion” and “Trendy vs Timeless: How to Build a Wardrobe”, which helps consumers make better purchasing decisions and feel better about how they dress.

As a result of his approach to both showcasing brands and fashion styles, it only makes sense that fashion brands have found value in working with him. He collaborates with brands like Grailed and StockX to highlight specific pieces. That way, his viewers can pick up the clothes he talks about in his videos. He has also has featured affiliate links with larger stores like Amazon in the past. 

His audience will likely continue to grow, given the growing interest in men’s fashion and individual expression through fashion choices. His efforts also draw attention to both firsthand and secondhand sales for brands. He encourages his audiences to find the best deals, which builds a large degree of trust and authenticity. This is a surefire recipe for success moving forward. 

Lamarr Wilson

Lamarr Wilson is a Youtuber and the self proclaimed CEO of unboxings. That makes it pretty clear from the beginning on where the majority of his content is going to be geared. Across all of his social media channels, he releases short videos about anything that’s related to geek culture. Whether you like video games, toys, gadgets, cartoons, or anime, he’s got you covered. 

His content is wildly popular with a wide range of viewers. As a result, a large variety of brands send him items to unbox just to get their new releases noticed by his audience. The list of companies that have done this read like a who’s who of big names in geek culture: Nintendo, Disney, Xbox, Funko, and Nickelodeon, among others. 

His short and easy to digest content has garnered him a large following across many different social media platforms. But Youtube is where he has seen the most overall success. With influencer reviews being a preferred way for consumers to get more information about products, his style of content promises to be in-demand for a long time to come. 

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