50 Shades of Grey Through a Marketer’s Eyes

50 shades of grey for marketers

There has been so much hype over the controversial movie over the past few weeks frankly, we could go the rest of our lives without hearing another word about it. We do have to hand it to their marketing team, they have done an amazing job advertising and getting the word out. If you haven’t heard about the movie or book by now, you might be living under a rock. Sidenote: If you are living under a rock how are you reading this? Just curious.

We just wanted to represent for the people that are more interested in the real 50 shades of grey. We prefer to torture ourselves with massive amounts of options on the best shade of grey to go with for a background color, campaign, or font. While everyone else is at the movies presumably regretting their purchase, we will be sitting right in front of our screens trying to decide if #2c2c2c or #424242 would be better for a campaign font color.

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