Why are these the worst marketing fonts?

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Fonts are seriously important in marketing. Amazingly, fonts can convey all kinds of messages besides the words written. Fonts can make your brand’s personality shine through, but keep in mind not all fonts are created equally.

You probably already know that consistency in fonts is a must, but consistently using these three fonts in your marketing might leave you with a less than stellar reputation. Read below why it’s so terrible to use these fonts.

Arial – The Imposter

Arial burst on to the scene in the early 90’s as a knockoff of Helvetica for the debuting Windows 3.1.  It is often looked at as the bargain-bin Helvetica since it is believed Microsoft introduced it to avoid paying licensing fees. Granted it is probably more noticeable to designers, but anyone who does notice it will be sure to judge you harshly for the angled cutoffs.

Times – The Placeholder

Any font in the Times family has been looked at as boring for more than a few years now. The original Times New Roman was introduced 84 years ago for publications.The overuse of the font since then has left a lackluster impression on anyone viewing it for the millionth time, especially after writing all those 12 point Times New Roman papers for school. It is hard to read from a distance and is often just a default font. Many people outside of designers and typophiles to think “This person just doesn’t care.”

Comic Sans – The Class Clown

Comic Sans takes a lot of heat. For good reason, it was intended to be a child-oriented font. It was modeled in the style of comic book speech bubbles, it is casual and meant to represent informality. Effectively any marketer that uses this font may as well start taking meeting notes in crayon. It was never meant for a professional setting in any way.


None of these are great marketing fonts. There will be Times (get it? hahaha *sigh*) that clients request one of these. You can try to steer them towards better marketing fonts like the classic Helvetica, Plantin, or Comic Neue (honestly it is worlds better). If you can’t avoid them, remember it’s more important to make the people who pay you happy.

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