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Can Influencer Marketing Work for B2B Industries?

Instagram influencer marketing spend is expected to hit ~$8 billion in 2020, and B2B marketers don’t want to leave the opportunity behind.  In fact, influencer marketing was number 4 on the list of B2B marketing trends for 2019, but many of us are used to seeing influencer marketing used strictly in B2C strategies–so it’s harder […]

Social Media Content Marketing: How to Include Influencers in Your Strategy

The rise of ad blockers and stricter ad terms and conditions could be one of the indications toward the rise of influencer marketing. Influencers can be direct with their advertising while also retaining a sense of authenticity that brand-driven social media marketing doesn’t always have.  Not only that, but one survey revealed that 89 percent […]

Online Influencers: Influencer Marketing Beyond Social Media

Marketers are vastly more familiar with influencers through social media marketing than they are through other platforms. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube aren’t the only avenues through which you can connect with your audience, though. Because only 1 percent of millennials have reported trusting advertisements, online or off, influencer marketing now […]

Corsair, Influencers, and the Creation of an Influencer Network

There’s a difference between reading about the positive impact of influencers and witnessing their impact first-hand. Corsair put the power of influencers into action throughout 2018. Their results reflect the ongoing success of influencer marketing: when traditional advertisements can’t make it through ad blockers, it is influencers – a human connection – that are able […]

What is an Instagram Business Account? How is it Different from a Personal Account?

An Instagram business account is a type of profile that allows businesses to post on Instagram like a personal account, but with features that apply directly to businesses like analytics, promotional posts, follower insights, on-click shopping, and more.  Want to learn more about Creator profiles and if it’s right for you? Check out our article […]

Why Influencer Marketing? 10 Ways to Convince Your Boss It’s the Right Strategy for Your Brand

With over 2.6 billion people on social media internationally and thousands of tech-savvy users making a name for themselves across the Internet, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of influencer marketing. It’s more difficult than ever to reach your audience in a noisy ecosystem where channels and devices have changed how consumers […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] What Marketers Can Learn From the 2020 Democratic Campaigns

Politics are a form of business. The advertisements and engagement sought out by the 2020 Democratic candidates serve as a perfect example of the overlap between these two industries. Candidates must raise money, build their brands, and engage with social consumers to meet their eventual goal. Can marketers learn anything from the campaigns of these […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Instagram Users React to Branded Content Ads

On June 4, Instagram announced their plan for “branded content ads”, which allow advertisers to use sponsored posts from influencers as their brand’s personal ads. This takes the previously established “influencer sponsored posts” a step further, allowing the brands to use the organic photos from the influencer account as advertisements–meaning they can (and will) appear […]

Gaining Access to Influencer Engagement Data for Better ROI

Social platforms are constantly testing different reactions (hello, LinkedIn) and even getting rid of visible engagement metrics altogether. Most recently, Instagram has tested getting rid of “Like” numbers completely. The leaders of these social channels want people to interact more authentically with the content on their platforms. Regarding the hidden Likes test, an Instagram spokesperson […]