How To Launch A Successful Advocate Program

At Sideqik we believe there is power in numbers, especially when it comes to people. The more people united toward a common goal, the more likely that goal will be accomplished. Generally, companies will rely on their marketing department to rally the troops, but they might be missing an opportunity. More companies are starting to explore the opportunities for having brand advocates.

Advocates are a force that shouldn’t be ignored. Not only do they act as an extension of your marketing department, but they often add a layer of authentic eagerness around your brand. They go to bat for their brands every chance they get, they help with customer support, and they provide content and feedback. Advocates do all of that without a huge added expense, you are essentially getting an additional marketing team for a fraction of the cost.

While the concept is simple, the execution can be complicated. It isn’t always straightforward for even the most experienced of marketers, and it can be downright intimidating for marketers that are completely new to the game. We put together this ebook to help cover everything you could possibly need to know about this incredibly underutilized group. We will explain what a brand advocate is, the benefits of having them, how to structure an advocate program, what to look for when recruiting, and how to launch your own program using Sideqik. So whether this is your first rodeo or you have a couple of belt buckles already, you will have the knowledge to run and launch a successful brand advocate program.

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