How Sideqik Helps Feel Good Voting Reach Their Audience to Influence Social Change

At Sideqik, we’re always happy when we can help a business improve their success and reach more customers than ever. But it can be even more rewarding when we’re able to help an organization with a vitally important social mission. That’s exactly what happened when we teamed up with Feel Good Voting, an organization whose mission to increase voting numbers has never been more timely or important.

About Feel Good Voting

Feel Good Voting is an organization designed to do what their name suggests— make young people feel good about voting. With 100 million Americans not voting at all in the most recent national presidential election, voter apathy is a nationwide crisis— especially among young voters. With Gen Z outnumbering older voters overall, young voters can transform the outcome of an election.

That’s where Feel Good Voting comes in. They engage young voters through social media and influencers, using engaging and shareable content combined with influencer and micro-influencer messages. They combine this approach with behavioral science and an in-depth testing strategy so that they can see exactly which messages resonate most.

What Feel Good Voting has found through extensive research is that the source of a message can be even more important than the message itself when it comes to inspiring change. In order to change someone’s behavior, such as turning them from a non-voter into a voter, the message is most likely to be successful when it comes from a trusted voice. 

This is where Feel Good Voting has been able to leverage the power of influencers in ways that even many politicians haven’t yet mastered. Relationships can be as important or more important than the issues themselves. 

Where Sideqik Comes In

Because Feel Good Voting’s approach is so heavily based on the power of influencers, they make a natural partner with Sideqik. They use our platform to search for and recruit influencers to help them promote voting behaviors and reach their ultimate goal— to turn non-voters into excited, engaged and informed voters.

Feel Good Voting measures the success of their influencer campaigns by the number of visits made to their voting website and the number of actions taken on the website. They use Sideqik to not only find and identify the perfect influencers to use to reach their target audience of young people, but also to track which influencers and which types of specific content are converting the most people online to take action.

“What I love most about Sideqik are the search filters that let me find influencers who fit our criteria, plus their unique audience breakdown. It’s so convenient to be able to quickly add influencer profiles and see suggested similar influencers. I can’t wait to learn even more and use Sideqik to its fullest potential!”

—Jess Sablan, Influencer Outreach at Feel Good Voting.

We’re excited to see how influencers can start affecting social change, not just business impact. Have you registered to vote? Check out to learn more!

Nancy Rothman

Nancy Rothman

Nancy is a passionate, results-driven marketing executive with more than a decade of experience in building robust integrated marketing programs for brands of all sizes, with specific expertise in the martech space. Prior to Sideqik, Nancy held roles at four successful martech startups, each of which received multiple series of fundraising and included two acquisitions. At CallRail, specifically, Nancy served as the director of marketing where she built the company’s brand and established it as a leader in its space. She also held roles at MeetEdgar, where she oversaw the entire sales and marketing practice, increasing the company's user base and annual recurring revenue, as well as PureCars, which was acquired by Raycom Media in 2015. As vice president of marketing for Sideqik, Nancy is responsible for developing and executing on the company's marketing strategy to drive overall business growth.

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