Micro and Nano Influencers Can Make a Big Difference to Your Brand

When you’re looking around at influencers with Sideqik’s discovery tool, it can be easy to dismiss the smaller influencers with their modest follower counts. Bigger is better, right? Especially when it comes to reach. But when it comes to sales, the little influencers can have a big impact. Here’s why:

  1. They’re more relatable. Nano and micro influencers are easier for audiences to relate to because it’s very likely that they’re not professional influencers. They have day jobs and regular life struggles that makes it easy for audiences to see themselves in the stories that these influencers share.
  2. Their audiences are loyal. As a result, the people who follow them are loyal, and probably have a more back and forth relationship with the influencer over social media. So when these influencers endorse a product, their followers notice. They’re much more likely to try a product their influencer endorses, especially if they know their purchase directly supports them.
  3. They can grow with your brand. Nano and micro influencers are raw, and inexperienced. But you can use that to your advantage with a little patience. You can build them and grow with them, creating your own in-house brand ambassadors for a long term relationship.

Read more about utilizing the influencers your audience trusts the most here. Need help finding the right influencers? We’ve got you covered!

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