Spring Forward! How Your Brand Can Capitalize on the New Season

The spring season is finally here, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Warmer weather, vacations, sporting events, festivals… the list goes on. With pandemic restrictions being lifted everywhere, more and more consumers are chomping at the bit to get their lives fully back to normal. 

For a lot of consumers, that means going out more often. That can mean live events, visiting friends they haven’t seen in a while, or going on vacation, life is going to get busy for a lot of people. That means increased demand for a wide spectrum of products. Whether it’s travel gear, a new outfit, or gifts for family and friends, forecasts suggest spending is going to rise across the board. This is especially true for e-commerce, as the pandemic has conditioned many consumers to go to the internet first when they want to make a purchase.

No matter what product or service you offer to consumers, there’s a way to raise your brand awareness and work with influencers to heat up demand for your brand as the temperature rises. Between upcoming special occasions and vacations, there are plenty of opportunities to be had for a savvy brand. Let’s walk you through some of the more notable ones.


For many years, it’s been considered a tradition to buy a new outfit for Easter, especially if you’re religious. While that tradition has dimmed recently, spring is still prime time for launching new collections for apparel brands. 

This opportunity doesn’t just include the more formal and business casual brands, either. As days get sunnier, many consumers want to freshen up their casual wardrobe with a fresh new floral shirt or an eye-catching patterned skirt when they go out for activities like brunch or going to a festival. It’s simple to collaborate with an influencer to make posts about their spring activities, but have them wearing your brand as they do it.

But there’s not just an opportunity for apparel brands. If you’re a food brand, you can work with an influencer to implement your product in an eye-catching spread on their dinner table with a bright and fresh presentation. If your brand sells flowers, an influencer can frame it around sending flowers to a loved one to strike an emotional chord with audiences. Even if your brand’s connection to Easter is less obvious, you can always simply create an easter egg hunt on your website with the promise of discounts to those visitors clever enough to follow your hints.

Earth Day

More than older demographics, millennials and Gen Zers pay more attention to the environment and take efforts to conserve where they can. They’re more willing to donate to causes preserving the environment. They also try to avoid overconsuming where they can, and will pay attention to new initiatives helping these causes.

While your brand may not have direct ties to conservation efforts, you can still show that you care enough about it to attract the attention of environmentally conscious consumers. Patagonia famously donates 1% of its total profits to environmental conservation. IKEA has tackled this topic from every angle, from minimizing the waste their products create to taking steps to make their physical locations more energy efficient. TOMs not only donates a pair of shoes for every pair they sell, they also distribute clean drinking water, health kits, and more to communities in need around the globe. 

The bottom line is that you don’t have to directly sell conservation to consumers. All other things being equal, younger consumers will likely choose your brand over your competition if you pay attention to being conscious of the planet. All you really need to do is show sincerity and actual effort toward doing your part. An influencer can help you make giant strides toward achieving this goal by making the little things you do look much bigger on social media.

Mother’s and Father’s Day

While gifts like flowers for mom and a tie for dad are classic gifts to show that you remember and appreciate them, there’s plenty of room for creativity on gifts for these special days. All it really takes is a relatable influencer and your product to plant the idea in consumers’ heads. Many of them are desperate to do something new for their parents to show that they care about them.

If you offer a subscription box for products like clothing, wine, or coffee, it’s easy to frame it as something a consumer’s parent can enjoy all year, rather than just one day. Or if you’re a shoe brand that can cater to an older crowd, it’s also easy to sell the fact that a parent can appreciate a new pair of shoes or sandals to wear. If you sell technology or gadgets, many parents can also appreciate gifts that enhance their TV experience, like a soundbar to upgrade their entertainment center.

However, it’s also important to be mindful of the many consumers who may find this spring holiday difficult. It’s an increasingly significant trend to allow consumers to opt out of your Mother’s and Father’s day promotions while still letting them follow the rest of your communications. That extra bit of sensitivity may not net you a sale on these days, but this show of respect and kindness can earn you strong customer loyalty far into the future. 

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of the biggest and most significant holidays in the United States. It’s a day to stop and celebrate veterans in the Armed Forces, and the sacrifices they’ve made. This touches a huge amount of the population: if a consumer isn’t a veteran themselves, they almost certainly have a friend or family member who has served.

If your brand offers a veteran discount, this is a prime holiday to highlight that fact and show your appreciation to those that have served by giving back to them in a small, but impactful way. And if you don’t offer a veteran discount? Consider starting one. Similarly to Earth day, consumers will notice and return the appreciation for the respect and deference you show to veterans and their families. 

It’s also one of the biggest travel days of the year for many reasons. Spring travelers made over 6 billion trips for the weekend in 2021. If your brand sells items that are useful for travel, this is a prime opportunity to partner with an influencer. They can remind their audiences about some essentials that they might have forgotten about before their big trip to visit loved ones.

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