The Best of #tiktokmademebuythis, part 2

TikTok’s star continues to rise as a destination for brands and influencers to affect consumer buying habits. Let’s face it: when commercials come on while you’re watching TV, Youtube, Twitch, or elsewhere, what do most people do? Check their phone, of course. And since TikTok continues to grow as one of the most popular places for users to go when they check their phones, it’s an excellent spot for a brand to get some face time with consumers. One of the most popular hashtags for products that users didn’t know they needed until they see it on the platform is simply #tiktokmademebuythis.

Whether it’s shopping at a popular chain or a niche product trying to get a foothold in a market, TikTok is a destination for consumers looking to find inspiration for getting rid of their disposable income. Once again, we’re sharing some of the products that caught our eye when browsing Tiktok lately, and earn the hashtag #tiktokmademebuythis.

A Waterproof Shower Holder For Your Phone

Do you wish you could vibe to your favorite k-pop song or top 40 hits while taking your morning shower? Well, now you can, without having to risk testing your phone’s warranty. No more panicking and googling how to save your phone if it falls into the tub with you – it’ll be safe no matter what.

You can mount this phone holder on pretty much any wall, and it also has built-in fog protection so you can watch videos as easily as you listen to them, if you want to do both. If you like to practice your choreography while while you sing along to BTS, though, we don’t judge.

A Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie, or even one of the Iron Man movies, and thought “man, those keyboards and displays made of light are so cool. I wish I had one”? Well, a clever creator out there clearly thought the same thing, and now you can

This keyboard comes with a phone stand, and projects a keyboard on the surface in front of your phone. The keys function like a normal keyboard, except that it’s made up entirely of light (in the color of your choice, of course). It’s a great purchase if you’re into chatting on mobile apps, or if you’re really into mobile gaming and have space to settle down and play for a while. Not to mention, you’ll look cooler and more high-tech than anyone else in the room when you’re using this.

A Magnetic Pen With Removable Parts

Are you ever writing down notes, or sitting somewhere waiting, and then your mind wanders off? There’s a reason people enjoy doing things like clicking their pen open and shut, or using fidget spinners, or any number of other toys to keep their hands and minds busy: it’s fun, and stimulating.

The latest in the line of fun and cool things to keep yourself entertained is here! It’s a pen made up of smaller magnets that you can take off and play with, no matter where you are. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or both, this pen can help keep your mind occupied and want to pass some time. Just remember to be careful and not lose any of the magnets when you’re rolling them around.

A Mandolin Vegetable Slicer That’s Safer to Use

If you’ve ever used a traditional mandolin to slice vegetables when prepping your dinner, you’ve probably cut a finger or two on it before. They’re very effective at what they do. But they’re very sharp and very easy to hurt yourself on if you’re not paying attention, even for experienced cooks.

Well, now there’s a version that keeps your hands away from the blades and helps you leverage those vegetables so that they’re easier to cut. Make homemade fries, cut up veggies for your salad, or anything else that needs thinner strips without any fear of cutting anything but the vegetables themselves. Sure, it takes up more space than a normal mandolin, but your hands will thank you in the long run.

A Salt Gun That Makes It Easy To Kill Flies

Let’s face it: we’ve all had that time where we’ve had a pesky fly that just won’t go away. Sure, a fly swatter works if you’ve got one, and you’ve got good reflexes. But what if it’s a horsefly that can bite back, or even a wasp? You don’t want to risk getting stung. Not when you can have this salt gun to take care of them from a safe distance.

While it may not be the cheapest solution in the world, it’s cleaner and safer than using bug spray. Not to mention, can you put a price on the fun factor of using a gun to go to war against those pesky insects that decided to invade your home? Just keep it away from your kids and pets, and have fun.

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