Your Black Friday Influencer Marketing Strategy

We are just under 2 weeks away from the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Here are some successful e-commerce campaigns you can look to as an example to inspire your brand’s strategy this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee, known for the “World’s Strongest Coffee,” took full advantage of organic creator marketing (and Sideqik’s all-in-one creator marketing platform) by sending out care packages containing their new iced coffee to 44 creators across the fitness and gaming worlds without offering any instructions or stipulations. 

These creators gave honest reviews of the product, incentivizing their audiences to trust and try the brand, which led to a 600% ROI for Death Wish Coffee.

Primally Pure

Skincare startup Primally Pure went full-in on a multi-channel marketing strategy to promote their product on the individual level. 

They offered an affiliate program with creators across all of their marketing channels and over multiple campaigns, taking advantage of unique trends across these channels (such as unboxings and creator testimonials). This program was massively successful, accounting for 25% of the company’s total sales.


MSI, the popular gaming technology brand, used Sideqik’s customizable platform and real-time analytics features to run a unique contest featuring some of the industry’s top creators. 

Based on fan engagement results, MSI challenged these creators to work with one of five unique gaming PC builds and offered fans the chance to win the setup of their favorite creator. The campaign was massively successful in supercharging the engagement across the brand’s audience.

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