10 Tips For Building Strong Relationships With Brands

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As the digital marketplace continues to grow, a lot of brands want to create relationship with sincere influencers – those that go beyond just a blog post. By going into a long-term relationship, the influencer can expect a good number of unique benefits.

Let’s get a clearer understanding of what brands really want from a genuine relationship with an influencer. They are searching for those who can:

  1. Build connections: Brands are in search of influencers who are capable of creating compelling content that will make an impact on their audience. The level of trust between an influencer and their audience increases if they are closely connected. This helps makes the brand message stronger.
  2. Create experience: For brands, a campaign is more than just a post on social media. They are in search of bloggers to develop an “experience” with the service or product and make use of it as a unique marketing toolbox. Brands are in search of commitment and engagement, and those that can offer such are highly esteemed.
  3. Own a social media channel: When brands come up with a new campaign, they go for a specific audience and a specific message. They will get bloggers with high influence in a particular channel based on what their aim is. For instance, a client might go for social networks like snapchat or vine if he or she wants to reach out to the younger audience, also if the client wants to reach out to women they might consider using influencers with a large Pinterest following. Blogs or YouTube might be used by clients who have many message points. If you concentrate on only one of these channels you will have a better opportunity to grow a stronger audience and get involved with better brands.
  4. Use social media properly and amplify: Bloggers who make good use of social media are in high demand. A lot of brands hire people to improve their posts all over other social channels. Being able to improve your own posts such as through adverts on Facebook, will give you an advantage and make you to be highly placed by a lot of brands.
  5. Be authentic and searchable: By having proper knowledge and know-how of your network you can discover new content on it. Brands like authentic voices and original content with creative photography and strong writing. SEO know-how is also necessary to help boost search discovery and brand awareness.
  6. Be video savvy: Video will always remain the KING! These days, people are beginning to pay less attention to written words and more attention to visual contents. Videos can be of more value to brands that are out to attain a certain level of increase in the mobile market. It could be a live-streaming, a six-seconds vine video or even a YouTube video.
  7. Have local influence and be camera savvy: Even as a low scale blogger you can become important if you are well active within your community. You can do this by either being a contributor to the local papers or a local TV spokesperson.
  8. Answer emails: Any blogger who responds to email most often gets the offer. Whenever advertisers run campaigns, the bloggers that respond quickly to their email often get the job. One major challenge that most bloggers have is not responding to their emails or using irrelevant emails most times. Be mindful of your primary email and the one which brands are most likely to contact you with.
  9. Report Results: Being able to prove to the brands you work with that you have driven traffic to the campaign and actively contributed. This is important for many brands and will improve your chance of being invited back for future campaigns.
  10. Know the latest FTC Guidelines:Understanding FTC guidelines is very beneficial for many influencers. If you are promoting a product or representing a brand it is important to protect not only yourself but also the brands that you are partnering with, which is why understanding the latest FTC guidelines are so important. Check out the link below for the full guidelines. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking


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