5 Reasons to work together with influencers

Reasons to work together with Influencers

It is no secret that influencers are becoming more powerful in the world of social media. Both bloggers and influencers help brands connect with new audiences outside of traditional channels. But what brands fail to understand is just how much of an impact influencers have. Working with the right influencers not only leads to more sales and better-qualified leads, but also an incredible boost in brand awareness, which traditional advertising would not be able to compete with.

Below are six reasons why your brand should work with influencers and how they can improve any marketing strategy:

1. Influencers know their audiences

No one knows their audience like an influencer. Often these influencers have spent years building an engaged and dedicated following of like-minded peers. This audience knows their schedule for posting content and knows how their favorite online personality’s opinion leans. Being able to partner with this audience offers you as a marketer a goldmine of opportunity that is often too good to pass up.

2. Influencers are authentic

Influencers may seem like regular people from the outside, but the fact is that for many people their opinions are not bought and in fact very authentic. Their opinions are often more trusted than professional reviews because their audience looks to them for the best deals and products for their day-to-day lives. This is why it’s easy for people to trust them and why so many turn to them for advice.

3. Influencers create powerful content 

Influencers have the ability to talk honestly to their audience and offer their unique perspective on the different products a brand may have.  Audiences know that the influencer cares about the brand that they are talking about. This is why their audiences trust them and brands love them.

4. Influencers know how to get to the heart of their audience

Influencers know how to connect to the right audience because they are a part of that audience. They are interested in the same hobbies, media, and consumer products.  These messages are more organic than celebrity endorsements because they are coming from real people who their audience can relate to. Being able to target the right consumer is important for any brand, and influencers allow you to do just that!

5. Influencers are cost effective 

Compared to traditional advertising, influencer marketing is a bargain. You know their audience. You know the average engagement you can expect from their content. And you know the quality you can expect from their content. Being able to have these types of high-quality relationships with influencers allows you to have a much better idea grasp on the ROI and expected turn out of your influencer campaigns as opposed to traditional advertising which relies upon keywords and strategic bidding to see results. 

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