The Power of Influencer Marketing

the power of influencer marketing 1

 Marketing is constantly changing — younger audiences are not responding to the same methods of outreach. It’s so easy for any business to put ads or content out on the internet, it seems the whole web is cluttered with it. Many companies are using a new, less-invasive way to reach their audience, called Influencer Marketing. […]

6 Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

Finally, the holidays are near! Sideqik is always jolly, but the holiday season always seems to put an extra spring in our steps. Not only because we get to spend time with those we love or have an excuse to drink eggnog, but we finally get to use the red and green color scheme in […]

3 Types of Influencers Your Brand Needs

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to think about each of these types both to ensure you are using all of your available influencer channels and so you are working with them in the most effective way. You will have different relationships with each type of influencer. The way you engage, motivate, […]

5 Reasons to work together with influencers

It is no secret that influencers are becoming more powerful in the world of social media. Both bloggers and influencers help brands connect with new audiences outside of traditional channels. But what brands fail to understand is just how much of an impact influencers have. Working with the right influencers not only leads to more sales and better-qualified leads, but […]

6 Reasons To Work With Influencers – Infographic

It is no secret that bloggers and influencers are becoming more powerful in the world of social media. Both help brands connect to new audiences outside of their traditional channels. But, what brands fail to understand is just how much of an impact bloggers and influencers have on their audiences. The result of working with qualified influencers […]

24 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube — part 1

Making a name for yourself on YouTube is easier to achieve than ever before. With higher quality video devices and editing programs, producing professional videos is cheaper and more accessible. However, the quest to be successful on YouTube has led to a lot of competition. The goal of this infographic is to help guide you on how to stand out […]

7 Deadly Sins of Influencer Marketing

Working for a company whose product is focused on the activation of influencers I can tell you I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just to show a few of the low points I have highlighted the 7 deadly sins of influencer marketing. Hopefully knowing these will help you avoid the common […]

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is any marketing that involves another person, brand, business, group, or other entity in bringing your message to your target audience. Influencer marketing goes by many names. The key insight behind influencer marketing is, that by engaging other interested parties, you can economically reach more customers. From a customer’s perspective, there are various types of together marketing that will affect them in different […]

10 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing — often called “Word of Mouth” marketing — involves leveraging your current consumers into brand advocates who share your product(s) and increase your audience. Influencer Marketing is no secret at this point and everyone is talking about the different strategies, as well as the importance that Influencer Marketing has today. You may have […]

5 Tips On How To Write Engaging Content

You’re probably thinking what does “Engaging content,” mean. Don’t worry, Brittany’s here to the rescue! But before we get into what “engaging” is, let’s discuss digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the process of gaining digital partnerships, link backs, and content sharing material to participate in e- commerce. The purpose of digital marketing is to get […]

12 Vital KPIs Ecommerce Marketers Should Monitor

12 Vital KPIs Ecommerce marketers should monitor

How do you make sure your superpowers are fully maximized? Before jumping into any process of improving your website, you need to STOP, gather all the data you can and look at what it’s telling you. Knowing and understanding the real facts that have a negative impact on sales will help you to come up […]