6 Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

Finally, the holidays are near! Sideqik is always jolly, but the holiday season always seems to put an extra spring in our steps. Not only because we get to spend time with those we love or have an excuse to drink eggnog, but we finally get to use the red and green color scheme in our email marketing (the ultimate festivity). We’re sure our marketing buddies are putting together their own green and red emails for the holidays, so we put together a list of six tips sure to get you to the top of the nice list.

holiday email marketing

  1. December 25th isn’t the only holiday

    Do you remember when we all switched over to saying happy holidays? It was because at some point we started realizing we don’t all celebrate the same holidays. Expand your holiday email marketing to include celebrating Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, or even Winter Solstice. Don’t forget New Year’s Eve happens in December, even if it is at the tail end, it’s still a holiday.

  2. Decide on a strategy

    Even Santa needs a strategy. While it is somewhat simple (nice = present / naughty = coal) it still makes his objective clear. Make sure you decided if the email is supposed to push sales, bring in site views, drive engagement, or anything else before you even begin drafting the copy.

  3. Have a follow-up plan

    Before you start sending out your perfectly crafted holiday email, decide how you are going to follow up that email. You will obviously want your follow up to fall in line with your original strategy (see tip 1). If they made a purchase thank them, maybe send a discount for their next purchase or suggest other items they may like. If they didn’t make the conversion send a nudge email.

  4. Be creative!

    As mentioned above we love a good red and green color theme, but let’s face it, everyone uses these colors. If you want to grab people’s attention you have to get creative with themes, colors, content, subject lines, and pictures. Maybe you can have a round of Grinch themed emails or follow Frozen’s ice blue lead when it comes to holiday colors.

  5. Get social

    We don’t have to tell you, just because they subscribe to the emails doesn’t mean they see or open every one. So take to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just post on your blog to remind them they could be getting great deals if they would just open their emails! Now could be a great time to work with promotions or giveaways to drive awareness of your great products.

  6. Avoid spamming

    Your email list will probably start channeling Ebenezer Scrooge if you blast them with messages too often. An initial and follow up email are good but don’t give them a reason to unsubscribe.  It’s always good to leave a little breathing room, after all, how can they miss you if you are never gone?


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