Getting an Audience for Free

Getting hits online becomes more complicated the deeper that you look at it, Google alone has over 200 factors for how they categorize and rank each individual site that shows up in an average search and that list keeps growing! Thankfully most of those factors are already taken care of as long as you focus […]

The 5 Longest Running Commercials

longest running commercials

How have these ads stood the test of time? Why do these well-known businesses continue to broadcast such outdated material? These commercials make people feel a certain type of way, whether it may be that warm and fuzzy feeling or just a good laugh. Now, the ads have become a nostalgic remembrance of that Christmas […]

Happy Holidays From Team Sideqik!

  Our warmest greetings to you at this wonderful time of the year! This year the Sideqik team has been blessed to work with some amazing brands and we would like to thank you for being a valued part of the Sideqik community. We wish you all the best and hope that you enjoy the […]

5 Digital Marketing Skills With Unfulfilled Talent Pool

Nowadays, it is impossible to think about marketing without including the ‘digital’ components of it – including social media, email, and mobile marketing. Although most companies have added on digital marketing departments a long time ago, the demand for digital marketing skills is ongoing. Near one-third of hiring managers say they were unable to find the necessary […]

How to Create Brand Awareness

Main Picture Create Brand Awareness

As the head designer of Chanel and Fendi, it is safe to assume Karl Lagerfeld knows a thing or two about creating brand awareness. While many growing companies focus on generating that next sale, it is often more important to take time to create awareness for your brand. Higher brand awareness leads to increased sales […]

E3 2014 Marketing Strategy Recap

How the Brands at E3 2014 Have Affected Your Marketing Strategy E3 2014 has come to a close, and as usual, exciting announcements have been made from all parties. What is E3? E3 or The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a yearly trade show that showcases games and game-related merchandise from major developers. Interestingly, each of […]

7 Unconventional Tips to Creating a Good Infographic

7 unconvential infographic tips

So what’s the point of having infographics? Sifting through pages and pages of text is not ideal in our fast-paced world. Who wants to read a lengthy article when they could comprehend information fast by looking at an awesome infographic! Thanks to infographics, information can now be portrayed as fun, interesting, dynamic, colorful and many […]

We Welcomes Guest Posts!

alt text here

If you are searching where to guest post you have found the right place! We are very interested to hear the voices of our followers and their input about the world of digital marketing…or something completely irrelevant yet super interesting! Why guest post? 1. Elevate Status & Credibility — Writing well-researched, in-depth posts on relevant blogs, […]

A New Startup Era for Atlanta

There are many things that may come to your mind when you think of the South – innovation is not typically one of these. In “the capital of the south”, Atlanta, this is changing at a rapid pace. A couple of groups in Atlanta have been working especially hard to create a great environment for […]

What is Influencer Marketing?

  Yesterday was the Mashable Social Media Day Atlanta 2013 and our co-founder, Jeremy, was there to discuss influencer marketing. This prompted us to share some information on influencer marketing with you. Influencer Marketing was introduced in the 1950s by Katz and Lazarsfeld in their Two Step Flow Theory. The definition is pretty fluid but […]

Head Shots & Happy Hour

  Head Shots & Happy Hour was an event hosted by Sideqik and Friendly Human at the Atlanta Tech Village. This event focused on marketers in the Atlanta area.  The event was tons of fun and included food, drinks, and head shots courtesy of  Friendly Human. We had such a great time with everyone who came out; We thought […]