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How to Evaluate an Influencer Marketing Platform

Having the right influencer marketing platform for your business can be the difference between a widely successful campaign or crickets on a launch day. With the proper platform, you can execute your campaign with ease, clearly communicate your objectives with your influencers and track the return on your efforts. 

When searching for the perfect platform, there are a few categories to consider: discovery, collaboration, engagement, and integrations. Learn more about these categories below.  


Connecting with the main influencers or even micro-influencers in your market or industry is one of the first steps to creating your marketing plan. Finding the right partner to work with on your brand messaging, product, etc. is what your marketing efforts are all about. Your influencers can be an extension of your existing plan or help you mold your campaign efforts from its origin. 

During your search for the platform that works for you and your business, investigate the features of the platform and how they can help make this influencer search as easy as possible. What perimeters can you set to help narrow your niche or find candidates that connect with your brand already? Reviewing their audience demographics is a huge component as well. Keyword searchability is also a must for making the process simple and straightforward. 

With Sideqik, you can access our live database of over 20 million profiles (and growing) across multiple social media channels, making your search go further in one click. Our robust data library has more data points than any other platform or provider. You can also review a profile’s influencer reach and see if they align with your brand to make a perfect collaboration happen. 

Communication and Collaboration

You’ve completed the hard work of finding the influencers to partner with and developed the marketing plan to execute. Now, you have to clearly communicate with your team of influencers to make the collaboration a success! Keeping up with emails and direct messages can be a challenge when you have to hop between applications and platforms. 

Look for a system that allows you to have all of your collaboration communication in one spot. It will make organizing your efforts so much easier to complete and track. Having everything in one spot for recording your collaboration posts is helpful as well. No more days of screenshots and Excel spreadsheets to keep up with everything. 

Sideqik understands how complex tracking your collaboration can be, so we created an aspect of our platform to help you review it all. Our main control center gives you and your team the ability to review your campaign success with an easy to view dashboard. From the influencers in the campaign, stats on engagement, earned media and more – you can see in all in this “one-stop-shop.” 

The Sideqik platform boasts comprehensive, integrated influencer management meaning you can launch promotions from one place without any code knowledge, search any network unlimited without any added fees, and effectively measure ROI for all influencer campaigns

Communication is also simplified in our platform as well to help you can contact influencers, send creative briefs, and check on the status of posts. We really have made it as easy as possible to manage all of the aspects of your campaign. 


Your influencers can do a lot from your business, but your best advocate for your business is your organic followers and engagement. A great marketing platform will provide you with the tools and resources you need to help you launch promotions, grow your community and connect with them online. 

Plus, you need a way to measure your efforts to discover which campaigns are the best for business. Within Sideqik, you can review stats on the engagement of your campaigns and connect with user-generated content more than ever before. Sideqik’s tool also focused on measuring the real value driven back to the brand, in both brand awareness and through conversions/revenue. 

Brands aren’t just focused on connecting with influencers but want to engage with their audiences too. Sideqik integrates this crucial consumer engagement directly into the platform.  


A final category to consider with your marketing platform search is the available integrations. Utilizing a platform that works well with other applications, websites, etc. that your business already uses is a great way to get everything on the same page.  

With integrations, you can streamline your marketing stack and reduce manual work – win, win. Review the available integrations within the platform to see which combination works best for your needs. 

Having the ability to create custom integrations, like Sideqik offers, is also a huge bonus to any available platform. Plus, Sideqik easily works with any influencer configuration, regardless of if you have an in-house team or work with an agency
Want to learn more about Sideqik to discover if it is the right program for you? Schedule a time to chat with our support team to get started.

Nancy Rothman

Nancy Rothman

Nancy is a passionate, results-driven marketing executive with more than a decade of experience in building robust integrated marketing programs for brands of all sizes, with specific expertise in the martech space. Prior to Sideqik, Nancy held roles at four successful martech startups, each of which received multiple series of fundraising and included two acquisitions. At CallRail, specifically, Nancy served as the director of marketing where she built the company’s brand and established it as a leader in its space. She also held roles at MeetEdgar, where she oversaw the entire sales and marketing practice, increasing the company's user base and annual recurring revenue, as well as PureCars, which was acquired by Raycom Media in 2015. As vice president of marketing for Sideqik, Nancy is responsible for developing and executing on the company's marketing strategy to drive overall business growth.

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