What is Influencer Marketing?


Screenshot_6_28_13_2_49_PM-2Yesterday was the Mashable Social Media Day Atlanta 2013 and our co-founder, Jeremy, was there to discuss influencer marketing.

This prompted us to share some information on influencer marketing with you.

Influencer Marketing was introduced in the 1950s by Katz and Lazarsfeld in their Two Step Flow Theory.

The definition is pretty fluid but we define it as:
“Identifying and building relationships with individuals who have influence over a target audience of buyers”

Influencer marketing allows marketers to reach 90% of prospects through the influential 10%.  According to PR Week magazine, 69% of marketing managers in
the US now include the targeting of influencers as part of their strategy.

Influencers can be:

Existing Customers
Brand Ambassadors
Professional Advisors

Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.
– McKinsey&Company Study

One of our clients, Screenshot_6_28_13_1_18_PM-2Country Club Prep, employed influencer marketing by using Sideqik to activate their college brand ambassadors. They invited over 300 of their ambassadors to help them promote a single campaign and extend their reach across college campuses.

Ready to get started?
The following are four steps to successful influencer marketing:

1) Identify influencers – discover who is influencing your audience

2) Market to influencers – get noticed by these influencers

3) Market through influencers – turn influencers into your brand advocates

4) Market with influencers – partner with your brand influencers for maximum results

For more information check out these sources:
SocialMedia Today
Influencer Marketing Book

Tell us about how you have used influencer marketing!

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