How to measure ROI in influencer marketing

Here at Sideqik, we believe in providing solutions. We’ve written a whole ebook because we find many of you are asking how to measure influencer marketing ROI. This ebook walks you through everything from goal setting, to defining a conversion, to how to track it. Below is a sample from our tips and tricks section. […]

How conversion tracking can change your influencer marketing game

We’ve talked about this before. If you’re using influencers as part of your marketing strategy it can be frustrating knowing exactly how to measure ROI. Luckily, if you’re in ecommerce, there’s an easy solution. The easiest way to measure an influencer is through designated links or conversion tracking. These show clear conversions where someone has […]

What Should you Pay Influencers for their Work?

There are many ways to work with influencers. You can offer them free product, only work with true brand advocates, or co-create content. But as many influencers look to turn their social media into their full-time job, a common question comes up. What should you pay influencers for their work? A recent decade-long study by a professor […]

4 Ways to Measure ROI in Influencer Marketing (and more!)

ways to measure ROI in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the peak of modern day marketing. By leveraging earned media channels, you see a much higher return on investment then you would with traditional media buying alone. MediaKix estimates that the total ad spend in influencer marketing will balloon to $5 to $10 billion dollars in the next five years. According to […]

How to Reach Out to Influencers in Six Steps

How to reach out to influencers

So you know you want to include influencers in your marketing strategy. Why wouldn’t you with returns so high? But you’ve come to an impasse. You don’t know how to reach out to influencers. Well if sending that perfect DM or email is your sticking point, read on! We have a step-by-step breakdown of how […]

Is the future of influencer marketing virtual reality influencers?

Virtual Reality Influencer Miquela

There are pretenders in our midst. There are fakes mixed in with the usual trove of influencers. They look like them. They attend Coachella and take perfectly filtered photos. But it’s not real. Last week many people were suddenly introduced to an influencer named @LilMiquela, aka Miquela Sousa. She looks just like you think she would, […]

Influencers, Pinterest is making it easier than ever to grow your brand

Pinterest new profiles

There’s a new influencer hotbed in town, now that Pinterest is revamping its platform with marketing in mind. Pinterest has added a number of new features aimed at giving influencers more control over their platform. New profile, new insights Pinterest’s new profile has a dynamic cover image that lets you highlight the content you want […]

Instagram has changed its data-sharing policy, here’s what that means

Instagram API

As Facebook struggles to save face in the wake of data misuse by Cambridge Analytica, the social media juggernaut has decided to change the way developers access its data. On March 30, Instagram slashed the rate limit on its platform API (application-programming interface) from 5,000 calls per hour to 200 with no advance notice for […]

How DXRacer is using influencers to build brand trust

At Sideqik, we work with some of the top brands in influencer marketing. So we know, when it comes to best practices, why not ask the best? We sat down with Mitch Alpiner, Social Media Specialist at DXRacer to learn how they’re using influencers to engage with their audiences. Sideqik: How does DXRacer approach influencers? […]